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Our waiting list of children and young people in need of sponsorship is growing. Can you provide the gift of education and learning for a child or young person in Tanzania?



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The vast majority of our support for children and young people is funding via direct donor sponsorship.We invite friends from the across the globe to sponsor a student and transform his/her life for the better. As a sponsor, you become part of your child or young person’s life story. You will have the opportunity to communicate with them on a quarterly basis and you will receive an annual report card from staff on their progress and development.

Our children and young people are provided with tailored support that reflects their age, interests and personal circumstances. Some live on-site at one of our shelters, whilst others live in foster care in the community. Some are in primary or secondary education, whilst others are undertaking an apprenticeship or vocational training.

We suggest a minimum monthly donation of £50/$70/TZS. 150,000 to sponsor a child or young person at Kijana Kwanza. Your donation is pooled with contributions from other regular sponsors and one-off donors to provide a child or young person with:

  • Shelter (on-site or in the community)
  • Meals
  • Toiletries and personal items
  • Medical insurance
  • Education or training costs, depending on their age and career aspirations
  • Extra-curricular learning and additional holiday tuition
  • Annual field trip outside of Moshi Town
  • Access to our Emergency Fund

For more information regarding student sponsorship, and our current waiting list, refer to the documents at the top of the page.