From Driver to Web Designer

A young man in slippers launches a new enterprise.


Fadhili was a 19-year-old low-paid boda boda (motorcycle taxi) driver, when he first visited Kijana Kwanza. His expression was sullen and his face tired. Three years on, he has completed a Diploma in ICT sponsored by Kijana Kwanza and is handing over his first project as a graduate to a customer.

Fadhili has designed a website for local NGO, Youth Empowerment & Psychotherapy Aid Organisation (YEPAO), which will launch in the next few days.

To launch his new business, Fadhili is offering his first 10 customers a simple brochure website for just TZS 100,000 (£35/$45).

PS. He probably should wear some proper shoes to his first business meeting!

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