A Surprise Visit

25-year-old Ramadhani shares some good news.


A few days ago, 25-year-old Ramadhani dropped by the office. He was part of Kijana Kwanza’s first cohort of sponsored vocational students, and graduated 3 years ago with a diploma in Electronics & Telecommunications.

Since then, Ramadhani has set up his own business in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania, selling and installing CCTV systems. The reason for his trip to Moshi (and surprise visit to Kijana Kwanza) was to let us know that he has successfully bid for a government contract to install security cameras at the main prison in Kilimanjaro Region.

With a few pennies in his pocket, Ramadhani will also get married next week, and on behalf of all of us, we extend our congratulations on his achievements and nuptials.