Short Courses

We deliver a range of short-courses to help children and young people take a step forward in life.


Throughout the year, our staff and volunteers organise several short courses that aim to improve the academic performance of children and young people.Whilst currently deliver 2 courses annually:Summer SchoolDuring the mid-year month long school holidays, we organise a Summer School for up to 100 secondary school children.The 4-week programme is predominantly delivered by our in-house teachers and includes revisions classes in key curriculum subjects. In the afternoons, students take part in discussion circles and independent research using educational resources found in our library or online.At the end of the Summer School, students sit examinations to assess their standard, in order to demonstrate improved performance compared to their end of term school results.Pre-Form 1 CourseThe transition from primary school to secondary school is particularly difficult in Tanzania because primary education is delivered in Swahili whilst English is the medium of instruction in secondary school.Our Pre-Form 1 course aims to help the transition from Standard 7 (the final year of primary school) to Form 1 (the first year of secondary school). The course material, developed in-house by Kijana Kwanza staff, focuses heavily on covering gaps in primary school knowledge, acquiring basic English language skills and learning themed vocabulary relating to core curriculum subjects.This a residential course for up to 24 children, from the most deprived parts of Tanzania who meet the criteria for sponsorship by Kijana Kwanza, namely that they are orphans or abandoned children, street children or victims of child abuse.All students sit pre-course examinations in English, Maths and Science on arrival to provide a benchmark for their learning. At the end of the course, they sit similar tests to demonstrate improved performance.At the end of the course, between 12-14 children are selected for full sponsorship at Kijana Kwanza.